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Prin to my Pea

I want you to raise your head and face me, with adoration shining in those eyes. I want you to look and really see, that I’m just a man trying to make you smile.

And if you really can’t give your heart to me, I would rather you let it show. I don’t want you to be afraid of my power, in front of me you can always make your wishes known.

luhan’s perfect new hair
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bendorbreak said:
I am in love with your smile tag. It's going to be the death of me. *^* <3

Is such a precious tag, isn’t it ? ;; I love it too <33

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Anonymous said:
Hello, I was wondering if you could share the pictures you used of Tao in 'Tao as October' ? Thanks. c:

Hi ! Sure o/ and you’re welcome ~ 

Pics 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5

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junmyeon + green well more like a mint ;; asked by fernie

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“Your dizzy, murky and long, long daythat didn’t seem too peacefulyour dawn, empty window.I wish you won’t get hurt by bad memoriesI wish you won’t stay up all night with worriesMmm good night, good night, good night"-Goodnight-2/∞EXO &amp; the lyrics notebook


“Your dizzy, murky and long, long day
that didn’t seem too peaceful
your dawn, empty window.
I wish you won’t get hurt by bad memories
I wish you won’t stay up all night with worries
Mmm good night, good night, good night"
2/∞EXO & the lyrics notebook
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jongdae + green ➝ for anon
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140615 | Airport (Wuhan to Incheon) | Credit: Until The End Starts


140615 | Airport (Wuhan to Incheon) | Credit: Until The End Starts

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"Pizza," Chen notes as he walks into the kitchen at Luhan’s house. "Original."

"Shut up," Luhan cleverly retorts. "Nobody else is complaining. Just you. You can shove a carrot in your mouth if you don’t like it."

"Whoa, what’s got you all high-strung?" Chen asks.

"Heeyoung’s coming back in a few days," Kris answers for him as he lifts the lid of one cardboard box.

"Your girlfriend?" Tao chimes in.

"My"— Luhan cuts himself off with an expression that seems like he’s forgotten what he is doing here.

"His whatever," Kris says. "They haven’t really talked about it yet." He slides a couple pieces onto a paper plate and leans against the counter with it.

"Is that gonna make it weird?" Xiumin wonders aloud. He has his head resting on his palm for support, the other hand holding a slice of pizza.

"Why would it be weird?" Lay asks him, voice lower as if branching off into a private conversation, despite everyone else’s involvement.

"Yeah, why would it be weird?" Luhan repeats, tone more defensive than anything.

Xiumin shrugs. “I dunno,” he says. “Just like… what if neither of you knows how to act around each other, suddenly. It happens,” he mutters before taking another bite.

Luhan stares at him, as though taking in the idea. But then he says, “Is that your seventh piece?”

Xiumin raises his eyebrows and glances between Luhan and the slice of pizza in his hand. “I am all about eating,” he explains. “Especially when I don’t have to pay for it.”

His follow up question is, “Have you been working out?”


"Your jaw seems, I dunno, sharper… I guess."

"Yeah, I mean," Xiumin mumbles. "I’ve been getting a lot of exercise at work, I guess."


There’s a slight lull in the conversation, which Kris breaks by stating, “That’s one way to distract yourself from nerves, I guess.”

"Shut up and eat your pizza," Luhan snaps.

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